Suomen PaperiPyyhe Oy is family-owned company which was established in 2008 based on school, hobby and art supplies retail business. Suomen PaperiPyyhe Oy  offers well-known manufacturers of quality products at the school work, arts and crafts, and making art. Among our clients are for example public schools, adult education centers, nursery schools, churches all over Finland. Our product is Finland's largest in its field.


First I would like to thank our customers confidence that we have established our place in one of the major supplier to other actors in Finland. We have also reached a confidential relationship with our suppliers both domestically and abroad. In addition, we thank all our partners who have enabled our company's activities.
Our company has taken a new step forward by publishing an electronic ordering system, and a new catalog 2012. After this reform, we can serve better for the customer, as well as new customers from all over Finland. We strive to continue to develop our business so that we remain one of the major players in our industry in Finland.
You are welcome to co-operate with Suomen Paperipyyhe Oy.

Jouni Yli-Korpela
Managing director